We provide the link between business strategy and HR strategy and integrate our insights with our clients’ objectives to help them lay the foundation of their Talent Acquisition strategies and maintain and manage these strategies thereafter (Succession Planning)

Specifically, to face the constantly changing business environment and high-turnover rate that exists in Vietnam, we have been building our foundation to grow our talent acquisition solutions to equip organizations with long term plans to recruit, develop and retain a talented succession team to ensure uninterrupted business performance.

We are here to help our clients develop the right talent strategy for their respective organizations. Whether it is an Employer Branding Strategy or a complete revamp of the organisations talent management & development processes, VIPsearch is here to work closely and consult with clients throughout the entire process.

Employer of Choice

Employer of choice has become the mantra for today’s businesses across diverse industries and sizes. Today, businesses are striving to become employers of choice and develop various initiatives which foster a more employee-centered culture. Such initiatives are intended to increase worker loyalty, production and retention while boosting recruitment efforts and an organization’s overall brand and corporate image.

Our Talent Acquisition Consulting involves preparing clients with the resources and roadmap to become or maintain the title of ‘Employer of Choice’. We support companies to:

Form a quality branding strategy that is in-line with regional guidelines as well as development directions from BOD and business units while keeping it practical for the local market

• Execute this strategy in the real world in the context of limited resources
• Revise & adjust the strategy accordingly until it provides the desired results

More specifically our services include:

• Consulting on the Employee Value Proposition for a company though analyzing the Employer’s Fact & Figure Findings
• Annual planning and budgeting for Employer’s specific objectives
• Brainstorming and consulting on the employer branding strategy
• Brainstorming and consulting on the succession strategy
• Executing the Management Training or Young Talent Programs

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Our clients say

Our clients say

“VIPsearch has a deep understanding in our industry and has a large network in SEA region to meet every requirements of Senior Jobs.They have serviced us successfully in Thailand, Indonesia, Philipines, Cambodia and Vietnam”

Dung Nguyen
Head of Human Resources | KIRBY South East Asia
“VIP search is not about an enormous database for executive search. It is about understanding and matching organizational client growth with excellent candidate”

Tuyen Ngo
General Director | II-VI Vietnam
"We got professional service from VIP search. We can trust on information and judgment. Corporate with VIP search we can save time and can be more focused on our business…"

Tram Ha
Finance & Corporate Affairs Director | Oriflame Vietnam
"I highly recommend you use VIPsearch as your partner to address any recruitment needs you may have. You won't be disappointed."

AC Bushnell
Country Director | DKT Vietnam
"The expertise and services provided by VIPsearch has been top-rated, productive and responsive; and BDA will not hesitate to contract with VIPsearch for its future projects."

Morris Wu
Consulting Director | BDA (China) Ltd.
"VIPSearch đã giới thiệu cho SeABank nhiều ứng viên có chất lượng và họ đang phát huy rất tốt tại SeABank. Bằng thư này tôi xin gửi tới toàn thể CBNV của công ty lời cảm ơn chân thành về sự hợp tác có hiệu quả..."

Nguyễn Văn Thọ
Giám đốc khối Quản trị và Phát triển nguồn nhân lực | SeABank